J(E, B, T) law: models for superconductors


This section deals with the models provided for superconducting materials.


To take into account the superconducting behavior of materials, Flux offers only one model that consists of a set of sub-models.

The standard model is a model of power law J(E).

The sub-models take into account the magnetic and thermal dependence on the superconducting resistivity J(E, B), J(E, T) or J(E, B, T).


Complementary information on the modeling of superconducting materials in Flux is available in the following documents:

  • “Numerical modelling of high temperature superconducting tapes and cables”thesis n° 2909 (2003) of Francesco GRILLI – 2004Federal polytechnic school of Lausanne
  • “Nonlinear electromagnetic modeling of high temperature superconducting tapes”thesis n° 2031 (1999) of Nadia NIBBIO – 1999Federal polytechnic school of Lausanne
  • “ Modelling of superconductors: from 2D to 3D ” Francesco GRILLI,

    ( http://www.altair.com )

  • “Superconductor technical paper” 2D technical paper