Steps for iron losses multiparametric computation

This section describes the steps to carry out multiparametric computation for iron losses:

  1. Choose a Computation type: Multi-parametric on regions
  2. Select laminated regions for iron losses computation
  3. Choose:
    • Intervals of values for geometric parameters and I/O parameters after having checked the corresponding boxes (or fixed parameters values)
    • In transient magnetic: time interval to obtain a time period. This choice is linked with the field Part of cycle described by the time interval
  4. In Transient magnetic, define the time period select in the previous step. The various possibilities are presented in the table of page: Steps for iron losses computation on regions
  5. Choose the model for losses :
    • Model defined in material
    • Modified Bertotti: Enter the coefficient values and modify exponents if necessary.
    • LS predefined sheets (in transient magnetic) : Enter the sheet iron
    • LS defined by importing a MILS file (in transient magnetic, see LS model identification with MILS)