Edit array

To edit / modify … use the command …
one entity Edit
several entities Edit array

Edit array

To edit / modify an array of entities:

Step Action
1 Activate the Edit array command (see next block)
An Edit … table is open.

Modify characteristics concerning the entity:

  • choose the column of the table corresponding to the entity
  • enter new information in white spaces


Modify characteristics of all selected entities:

  • choose the Modify all column
  • replace Initial values by the value shared by all entities

Close the table:

  • with validation of information, click on OK

  • without validation of information, click on Cancel

Activate the command

To activate the Edit array command, which requires data selection, choose one of the methods presented in the figure below:

  • To open a contextual menu, use the right button of the mouse.
  • For multiple selections, keep the Ctrl key pressed.