Extrude lines / Extrude faces

Before starting

It is necessary to have a transformation (created beforehand) and lines / faces to be able to extrude points.

Extrude lines / faces

To extrude lines / faces:

Step Action

Select the lines / faces to extrude:

  • in the Select menu click on Select lines / Select faces

    (or on the icon / )

  • in the graphic scene click on the line / face of interest

    (Keep pressed the Ctrl key for a multiple selection)


Activate the command *:

  • open the contextual menu with the right mouse button
  • click on Extrude lines / Extrude faces in the contextual menu
A new dialogue box is opened.

Fill out the fields:

  • choose a transformation
  • enter the number of the successive executions of the transformation
  • choose the extrusion type (shape of the connection elements)
  • choose building option
    Warning: To build toroidal, spherical, helical faces / volumes use one of the building options which includes the creation of faces / volumes (Add Faces … ,Add Volumes … ).

Validate the information:

  • click on OK button
The new entities created (points, lines, faces, volumes) depend on the selected option.
A new dialog box for the extrusion of entities of the same type is automatically opened.

Quit the sequence:

  • click on Cancel button
Note: * You can also activate the extrusion command by clicking on Extrude lines / Extrude faces in the menu Geometry > Extrude (or on the icon / ).