Result Preview: About


The preview of curves during the solving has been added in the existing box Solve; Thus two contexts coexist:
  • Advanced progress context (already existing before Flux 2019)

    accessible by the icon

  • Results preview context (added since Flux 2019)

    accessible by the icon

Advanced progress context

This context contains:
  • A thumbnail for each quantity which can be displayed during the solving
  • A representation of the solving algorithm with several progress bars

Results preview context

This context contains:
  • A thumbnail for each quantity which can be displayed during the solving
  • A main viewer representing in large the selected quantity (red frame in the thumbnails below)

Manipulation of the window

The solving box is resizable vertically and horizontally.
  • The size ratio of the different zones (main viewer / thumbnails) will remain proportional if the height of the window is resized.
  • In the case of a resizing of the width, the size of the main viewer is stretched, on the other hand the dimensions of thumbnails do not change, but the number of thumbnails on the same line is adapted
  • There is a movable separator between the main viewer and thumbnails which allows modifying the ratio between these 2 zones.

Life cycle

The solving window is persistent at the end of the solving. The user can thus analyze the curves. To access the postprocessing context, the user must close this window by clicking on the cross .

The storage of all curves displayed during the solving process is done, one 2D curve (parameter I/O) by quantities are created and the user could redisplay it in the postrpocessing context.

Warning: Once the window is closed, it cannot be re-opened.
Note: During the solving, the window can be closed only by the action of the STOP button . In this case the solving stops and the project can be partially postprocessed. To be clean, the stop is inevitably done at the end of the step. (stop only after a "Loop of parametric solving" if it exists and after a"Loop for transient solving").


The preview of curves doesn’t appear in the following cases:
  • If the solving scenario is mono-step
  • If the parametric distribution is activated
  • If there is not real scalar sensors defined
  • In the module Flux PEEC