Delete results


To each solving scenario are associated:

  • a set of finite element solutions (SOLVE_FLU_i.EFL files) in the project directory

  • a set of results (results associated to the sensors, …)

Management of results

If some steps are not correct or if there is an error in the scenario definition, it is then possible to delete the results associated to the computation steps.

Attention: the management of results and the management of the computation steps are independent.

If in a scenario the results are deleted, the definition of the computation steps is remained within the scenario.

Delete results

To delete results, follow the steps below:

Step Action

In the Solving menu, point on Delete the results and choose one of the following options:

  • Delete all project results
  • Delete all results of a scenario
  • Delete results of a scenario
2 Click on OK

For each step:

  • the EF solution file (SOLVE_FLU_i.EFL) is deleted
  • the associated results (sensors, …) are deleted