Data Export to HyperView and HyperGraph


Export to HyperView enables to view and postprocess Flux results in HyperView or HyperGraph during or after the solving process. This permits to benefits from HyperView or HyperGraph advanced postprocessing capacities.

Export function can be accessed by scenario box. This process generates an .h3d file.

Note: The user has also the possibility to export results to HyperView from Flux Import/Export context after the solving process, even if such export is more dedicated to multiphysic couplings with OptiStruct, AcuSolve, etc. (Please refer to the "Data Import/Export Context" chapter for more information). In order to help the user, the two workflows are compared below:
Export via scenario Export via Import/Export context
Aimed softwares HyperView / HyperGraph OptiStruct / AcuSolve/ ...
Support Full domain of the project Imported mesh / Flux entities of the same mechanical set
Global quantity One or several Only one
Scenario step All steps Single step or all steps selection
Visualization During of after solving process After solving process

Export of .h3d file in Flux

Export function can be accessed via solving box, in HyperView export tab:

The steps of the .h3d file export are described below:
  1. Chose a name for the .h3d file that will contain the data
  2. Chose the quantities to be computed on the device
Note: HyperView export can more or less decrease the speed of the solving process, depending on the project size.

Import of .h3d file in HyperView

The .h3d file generated in Flux is imported in HyperView via menu: File > Load > Results. Chose the file to import and click on Apply.

Note: During solving process, the results are not automatically updated in HyperView. In order to update them, click again on the previous Apply button.
A few tips are presented below in order to view the results:
  • In order to view the results computed by Flux on nodes, Use corner data option must be checked:

  • In order to visualize movement in HyperView, chose Set Transient Animation Mode via the following icon:


HyperView export is not possible in the following cases:
  • Scenario with distribution
  • Remeshing during solving process, ie.:
    • Geometric parametric scenario
    • Adaptive solver
    • Compressible mechanical set In such case, the export is realized on the device with the exception f the region including the compressible mechanical set.