General Solver Settings

General solver settings are available that relate to geometry tests and data storage precision.

On the Solve/Run tab, in the Solution Settings group, click the  Solver Settings icon.

Geometry Tests

Activate normal geometry checking

This option allows geometry elements in the model to be analysed for typical user errors. These errors could be due to geometry parts that have not been unioned, or poor meshing such as wrong element sizes or meshing connection issues.

The following checks are performed:
  • Verify that triangle elements on connecting surfaces have identical edge lengths.
  • Verify that connection points coincide.
  • Verify appropriate element sizes.
  • Verify appropriate segment length to radius ratios.
Activate mesh element size checking
This option activates the verification of the mesh size in relation to the frequency.
Export to the Feko *.out file
This option allows the geometry data of the mesh elements to be written to the .out file.

Data Storage Precision

Single precision
This option sets certain memory-critical arrays to be stored in single precision. Single precision is the recommended and the default option.
Double precision
This option sets certain memory-critical arrays to be stored in double precision. Double precision is to be used when an error or warning message is displayed by the Solver suggesting that double precision be used. This could happen for example at very low frequencies where increased accuracy is required.

Thermal Analysis

Export files for thermal analysis (*.epl, *.nas, *.map)
This option allows the export of files for thermal analysis. The EM losses are exported to the element power loss (.epl) file and the geometry info is exported to a NASTRAN (.nas) file and label mapping (.map) file.