Snapping to Points in the 3D View

Snap to points (for example, named points, geometry points, geometry face centre, geometry edge centre, mesh vertices and grid) in the 3D view.

  1. Press and hold down Ctrl+Shift while hovering with the mouse cursor over the model.
    • An active snapping point is indicated by a dot
    • Special snapping points near the mouse cursor are indicated by a dot with a cyan outline.
    • A preview of the geometry is displayed in green (transparent).
    Figure 1. Press Ctrl+Shift to view the snapping preview.

  2. Left click on a dot and release Ctrl+Shift to snap to that point.
    When snapping to align a new workplane, the history of the starting point and the route followed to the destination points, affects the orientation of the workplane (for example the orientation of an edge).