Point Entry

Use point entry (Ctrl+Shift+left click) to add values from the 3D view (for example, coordinates, faces and edges) or values from the model tree or details tree (for example, named points, variables, workplanes, faces and edges) to point-entry supported fields on a dialog.

Point entry is the mechanism of entering values in a field that has focus (on a dialog) based on the Ctrl+Shift+left click in the 3D view or model tree. It allows the spatial definition or editing of geometry or solution requests based on a series of clicks in the 3D view (or tree).

Note: A field on a dialog that has focus and a yellow outline, indicates that point entry is active and allowed. Often multiple fields will be active for point entry at the same time.

For a one-dimensional input field (for example, the radius of a sphere), the value is calculated based on the distance between the specified point and the coordinates or values already defined in the previous fields on the dialog (for example, the centre of the sphere).

Figure 1. The Base corner field has focus. The yellow outline indicates that point entry is active for that field. The values in italic are a preview of the values.