Create a virtual cable/rod with finite or infinite stiffness between two different parts or between a single part and ground. Virtual cable/rod is applied on spots.

  1. In the Project Tree, click the Connections workbench.
  2. On the Connections workbench, select > Cable/Rod.
  3. In the dialog, use the radio buttons to select cable or rod type.
  4. Apply to spots. You can also create new spots by clicking Create new spot.
  5. If Type is set to Cable or Rod, use the radio buttons for End1 and End2 and select the spots for each end.
  6. If Type is set to Grounded cable or Grounded rod, set the radio button to End 1 and select a spot. Switch to Ground and enter the coordinates of the ground point.
  7. Set the stiffness of the cable/rod. Check that the Rigid option is set to Infinite stiffness.
  8. Click Apply.
    The virtual connector will appear in the Connections branch. If selected, you will see vectors representing the connection in the modeling window.