Show Disconnected Groups

Identify groups of parts that are disconnected from the model.

A disconnected group of parts is defined as one or several parts that have Connections within the group, but no Connections with the other parts in the assembly. A model with disconnected groups of parts is likely to fail during the analysis. For instance, due to the ability of the disconnected groups to move without strain as rigid bodies, which results in numerical instability in Structural analysis.

  1. On the Project Tree, click on the Connections workbench
  2. In the Connections workbench click the (Show disconnected groups) icon.
    A dialog will appear that displays a list of disconnected groups in the model and are ordered most to least connected. The groups are automatically highlighted in the model when browsing through the list in the dialog. The selected group can be easily located in the assembly using auto-zoom in/out buttons. A disconnected group of parts can be deleted or suppressed if necessary.
  3. Connect groups.
    1. In the Disconnected groups of parts dialog, press Control + Shift and then click to select groups you want to connect.
    2. Click Connect.