Apply Materials to Entire Assembly

Apply material properties to your assembly.

  1. On the Project Tree, click on the Assembly workbench.
  2. On the Assembly workbench, click (Apply materials).
  3. Choose a material from the current project or from the material database section in the material tree.
    If you selected the current project, only the materials available in the current project are listed. The list is empty if there are no materials assigned to parts. The properties of the selected material will fill the fields in the dialog.
  4. Click the Apply to all parts button.
  5. Click OK.
    Note: You cannot edit Material properties in this dialog. See the Edit Material Database topic for more information on editing material properties.
    Important: Material properties can dramatically effect simulation solution results. Material properties provided with SimSolid are intended as examples only. Actual material properties should be obtained from the relevant part or material supplier and entered in a local user database. SimSolid Corporation does not verify or validate the accuracy of the examples materials provided.