Import Datum Points from CSV

Import datum point sets from an external comma separated values (CSV) file.

A datum point is a reference location from which subsequent results queries can be taken. Datum points are mapped from the specified location to the closest part face. All locations are specified in the global coordinate system.

  1. On the Assembly workbench toolbar, select > Import datum points.
  2. In the dialog, click Import from CSV.
  3. Select the desired .csv folder from the file explorer.
  4. Click Open.
    Datum points sets are located in a single Datum points leaf in the Assembly project tree. Right mouse button select entry to rename, edit or delete.

Imported Datum Points CSV File Format

CSV file format fields

The CSV file contains one header row and one or more additional data rows. Data values are as follows:
  • X, Y and Z – Numeric values. Spatial location of the datum points.
  • ID (optional) - Alpha-numerical values.
  • Label (optional) - Alpha-numerical values.
  • Parts to map (optional) - Numeric values. Number of parts to map a point to based on proximity.

    1 (Default) = map only to the closest part

    2, and so on = map point to the X closest parts

Example CSV file

X,Y,Z,ID,Label,Parts to map
0,0,0,1,point 1,1
5,0,0,2,point 2,2
10,0,0,3,point 3,1
20,0,0,4,point 4,2