Create Liquid Body

Create a liquid body between selected faces.

  1. On the Project Tree, click on the Assembly workbench.
  2. On the Assembly workbench toolbar, select > Liquid.
  3. In the modeling window, select parts on the model.
    Note: Liquid body can only be applied to faces.
  4. Optional: Select the Add tangent faces check box.
  5. In the drop down menu, specify the Mass units.
  6. Specify a value for the Total mass of the liquid.
  7. Click OK.


  1. The selected faces should be the wetted surfaces that are in contact with the liquid.
  2. The liquid is assumed to be inviscid and incompressible.
  3. Sloshing effects are not considered.
  4. It is recommended to have the liquid body fully enclosed in a structure.
  5. If free surface of the liquid body is expected, see below:
    • If liquid body is applied on a flat plate, a thin layer of liquid is assumed.
    • In case of open containers, the free surface is determined by the shortest path between free edges.
    • The free surface of the liquid is assumed to remain unchanged during the solution.
  6. Liquid body application results in the following effects:
    • Adds distributed mass to the structure and, therefore, changes its inertia and dynamics.
    • Incompressible fluid can significantly change vibration modes and general deformations at fluid enclosure because the volume of the enclosure is always preserved.