Open Entity Views in the Model Browser

Quickly display all entities of a specific type in the Model Browser.

  1. In the Model Browser, double-click on an entity group or right-click and select Open to open its respective entity view.
    All entity views can be docked to the right or bottom docking areas or undocked to float.
    Figure 1.

    Double-clicking on a first-level entity grouping invokes an entity view displaying all entities of the selected type. In the entity views, append entity attributes, including those which are referenced, as columns and use column filters for fast and efficient review, editing, sorting, and filtering.

    Double-clicking on a second-level entity grouping invokes a filtered entity view displaying just the entities of the selected sub-type. Here, you can review and edit the entities of interest.
    Figure 2.

    The color of geometry and mesh in the modeling window will be changed if the entity type selected has a corresponding color mode.

  2. Click / to quickly create and delete entities from within the respective entity view.
    Clicking while in a main entity view like Materials creates an entity with a default type; Whereas, clicking while in a sub-entity view like Materials/MAT5 creates an entity with the selected subtype.
  3. To close entity views, click .
Tip: Many of the tools on the ribbons used to create entities incorporate a satellite icon named List <entity type>. Click this icon to open the corresponding independent entity view.