Entity Editor

Use the Entity Editor to review and modify all entities within a model, streamlining the solver deck setup process.

The Entity Editor is docked in the lower-left corner of the user interface, but you can move it to any available docking area within the application.
Figure 1.

This common Entity Editor displays entity data selected from either a browser or the modeling window. The Entity Editor header denotes the type of entity selected. The Name column displays entity attributes, and their corresponding values are displayed in the Value column. Attributes shown in gray text cannot be edited. Any modifications made within the Entity Editor are automatically applied throughout the entire model.

When you create entities through the Model Browser or ribbons, the Entity Editor opens as a standalone floating dialog.

To access the Entity Editor:
  • Use the View menu.
  • Use the shortcut Shift+E.
  • Double-click on an entity in the browser or in the modeling window.
  • In the modeling window, the right-mouse button context menu Edit option is only available when the Entity Editor is off. Since you can select an entity and edit its data in the Entity Editor, the Edit context menu option is removed when the Entity Editor is on.
  • Double-click on an entity in the modeling window to:
    • Open the Entity Editor and respective browser if both are not open.
    • Open the respective browser if the Entity Editor is open.
    • Enter the context tool if it is supported for editing for the selected entity.
  • The Show in Browser context menu option has been added to the modeling window for all entities.
    • For named entities, it invokes the respective browser and highlights the selected entity in the entity list.
    • For unnamed entities, it invokes the respective browser and pushes the selection of the selector (when the overall entity count is above the threshold) for listing in the browser.
  • The Edit context menu option in the Entity Editor now expands the embedded Entity Editor instead of invoking a floating Entity Editor.