Reads in model/results in a HyperView session.


rea <argument1> <argument2> <argument3> <argument4>


geo <name>
Reads in the model specified in the name.
name = full path of the model file.
Data type: string , string
res <name>
Reads in the results specified in the name.
name = full path of the result file.
Data type: string , string
Reads in the displacements.
Data type: string
fun DataType DataComponent ShellLayer
Reads in (sets) the data type specified.
Data type: string, string, string, string




No error codes.

If incomplete arguments are entered, you are asked to enter them accordingly. If model/results are not loaded, you are prompted accordingly. The application displays the non-availability of a particular data type or data component in the session results.


Example 1
To load a model in HyperView:
rea geo {C:\myfiles\d3plot};
Example 2
To load results in HyperView:
rea res {C:\myfiles\d3plot};
Example 3
To load stress with the following component and layer:
rea fun Stress vonMises Max
Example 4
To load velocity with the following component:
rea velocity Mag 


If the layer is not specified for a scalar data type (elemental results), the first available layer is assumed and contoured.