Mark and Clear Free Nodes

Control which nodes are on the temporary node mark.

Since all nodes not currently referenced in the model are deleted, the temporary node mark is provided as a holding area to save the nodes you are not currently using. Those nodes are saved as long as they are in the temporary node mark.

  1. From the Topology ribbon, click the Create Points/Nodes tool.

    Figure 1.
  2. From the drop-down menu on the guide bar, select Mark Free Nodes.
  3. Select the nodes that you want placed in or removed from the temporary node mark.
    If a structural node is selected, it just displays the structural node, but the ID remains the same. Essentially, it does not create a new node on top of the structural node. It just shows or marks the structural node.
  4. In the microdialog, choose whether to add or remove the selected nodes to/from the mark.
  5. Click .
    When nodes are removed from the temporary node mark, the node is deleted if it is not attached to a structural element, and is not used by a card in the database.
    Tip: Click on the guide bar to clear all nodes at once.