Extract Entities

Use the Extract tool to convert sketches into geometry lines and surfaces with the realize option. Delete lines and surfaces converted from a sketch entity with the unrealize option.

From the Topology ribbon, click the Extract tool.
Figure 1.

  • Realize a sketch.
    1. Select a sketch entity.
      Figure 2.

    2. Select if the sketch entity needs to be converted to lines or surfaces by selecting a microdialog option. Hover over the sketch to select the desired closed loop.
      Figure 3.


      Ctrl + left-click to select multiple areas. Shift + left-click to deselect an unwanted closed loop.

    3. Click on the guide bar to define extraction options.
      Mask input sketch will mask the input sketch after realization.

      Outputs with and without merged adjacent faces are shown below.

      Figure 4. Merge Adjacent Faces ON

      Figure 5. Merge Adjacent Faces OFF

    4. Click on the guide bar.
  • Unrealize a sketch
    1. Select Unrealize from the guide bar drop-down.
    2. Select a sketch to be unrealized from the browser or the modeling window.
    3. Click on the guide bar.
    All the associated lines and surfaces are deleted.
    Figure 6.