Mass and COG Review

In the modeling window, display mass, center of gravity, or moment of inertia as markers.

  1. From the Aerospace menu, select Display > Mass and COG Review.
  2. Define the following options:
    1. From the drop-down menu, select components or elements.
    2. Select the entities on the model.
    3. Click upon completion to return to the tool.
    1. From the list, select one of the following dimensions:
      • Mass
      • COG coordinate, X, Y, or Z
      • Moments of inertia components expressed from the origin (IXX, IYY, IZZ).
      • Moments of inertia components expressed from the component center of gravity (IXXcog, IYYcog, IZZcog, and so on).
    Marker Options
    1. Display the entity ID, dataname, and/or marker plot color.
    Shape Options
    1. If you select Draw Shape, select the shape type and enter a radius value.
      Draw Shape displays markers that change in size depending on the value of each component.
      Figure 1.

  3. Click Draw.