Synchronize Image Planes

  1. From the Image Plane tab, select one of the available options from the Sync Mode drop-down menu to adjust the scale used to synchronize the video time scale with the animation.
    Manual The default setting in which no changes or adjustments are made. The mode will automatically return to Manual whenever you manually update the scale.
    Length Adjusts the scale so that the video starts and finishes at the same time as the animating model.
    Framerate Adjusts the scale so that the video and model play at the same speed. In other words, during animation the index of the video frame will correspond with the index of the animation frame.

    Length and Framerate adjustments can be seen in the row of the image plane file and the column labeled Scaling in the Synchronize Window Animation dialog. The time scales for the video are automatically adjusted whenever the Sync Mode is changed from Manual to Length or Framerate, or when switching between the Length and Framerate modes. The Manual mode simply retains whatever is the last setting of the time scales.

    Tip: To undo any Sync Mode adjustments, you can manually change the scale or click the Reset button in the Synchronize Window Animation dialog.
    CAUTION: Adjusting the scale of any image plane will have an effect on the overall speed of the animation.
  2. Optional: If more than one model is present in the animation window, you can choose the reference model from the Sync Model drop-down menu.
  3. Optional: Manually enter a zoom percentage directly into the Zoom field.
    Tip: The Zoom tool has no effect on the image in the graphics area. To scale the images in the graphics area, use the graphic manipulator handles to resize the image plane.