Using User-Defined Properties for an Output

Define the output using the User-Defined tab which will allow you to specify the properties of the output using user subroutines.

  1. From the Result Type drop-down menu, select User Defined.
  2. Define the user subroutine.
    1. Enter the user subroutine call expression with arguments in the in the User expr: text box.
    2. Select the Use local file and function name check box if the use of a local subroutine file is necessary.
    3. Select the subroutine file in the local system by clicking on the Local File: folder icon.
    4. From the Function Type drop-down menu, select the type of the subroutine file: DLL/SO, Python, MATLAB, or Compose.
    5. Enter the function name in the Function Name: text box.
      MotionView provides REQSUB as the default, which is the default function used by MotionSolve and ADAMS.
      Note: ADAMS supports DLL/SO only.
  3. Optional: Select the Define custom names and units check box in order to provide custom names and units output channels returned by the subroutine.
    • Additional tab Names/Units appears that contains Cnames and Cunits columns to enter the custom names and units.
    • The custom names along with the units will appear as component names for the channels while plotting the results in HyperGraph.