Entity Visibility in the Media Browser

You can click on an entity’s icon in the browser to toggle its visibility. The icon is grayed out and the accompanying text label is dimmed when the entity has been disabled and appears normal when the entity is enabled. This is true for the following entities: Notes, Measures, Markers, and Headers/Footers.

For example, in the image below, the three of notes and markers displayed in the Media Browser are visible in the graphics window. Notice that the icon next to each note listed under w1:Media Window appears normally to indicate the notes are visible in the graphics area.

Figure 1.

However, when you click on the icon next to the Note, Header/Footer, Measure or the Marker label in the browser, those entities are hidden from view. In the image below, the second note (“Testing Organization”), footer and the second, fourth, and fifth markers have been deselected from the browser and are hidden from the graphics window. Notice that both the icon and text are dimmed to indicate they are not visible.

Figure 2.