Sets path to a cache location for speedier invoke launch times for a server to client setup.


ALTAIR_CACHE_HOME path to cache file storage location.


Environment Variable


This variable should only be used with a server to client setup which allows for graphical user interface applications, like HyperMesh, to cache files onto a client’s machine for speedier invoke launch times. This functionality is only available on Windows and Linux operating systems.

The cache is versioned and the client user should maintain the necessary files.
Note: Default behavior of a server to client setup does not cache any files.
  • Client user will need to have enough disk space allocated for the cache, which is approximately 120 MB to 150 MB of storage.
  • Client user will need to have write access to the disk location set by the ALTAIR_CACHE_HOME variable.
  • Client user will be responsible for adding the variables in the working environment to turn on this functionality – default settings has this option turned off.
  • Client user is responsible for deleting these cached files when no longer needed.

Recommended Settings: Client user should use a local disk on the client machine for the cache directory for best performance.


  • To enable this new feature set the environmental variable ALTAIR_CACHE_HOME to a directory, for example ALTAIR_CACHE_HOME=%USERPROFILE%\cache.
  • The first launch of the application will check to see if the variable is set and will enable the caching and copy over all required files under the directory specified through a background process after the products initialize. There will not be any decrease in launch seen in this first time launch.
  • Once this is done, the next invoking iterations will see the variable set and check the location directory for the versioned files and source them instead of doing a source from over the network.

Additional Operations/Functionality

 Batch mode options available for creating cache: hw_cachemgr -query | -create | -delete [-silent]
Display a message if the cache is ready for use. Always returns zero.
Create the cache if it is not being deleted. Returns zero if successful.
Delete the cache if it is not being used. Returns zero if successful.
Do not display messages.

Debug logs for caching mechanism can be set using the ALTAIR_CACHE_LOG path or file.

Example setup: ALTAIR_CACHE_LOG=%USERPROFILE%\cache\debug_log.txt.