Settings Files

Settings files include command<#>.tcl and hwsettings.xml.

The list of files written is detailed below.


The command file is a command history file containing the commands executed in HyperMesh whenever any operation is performed. This file can be used to rerun operations or as a basis for determining the commands required to automate a given process. By default, the command file is written to the start-in directory for each session. It is possible to customize the location where this file is written to using the HM_COMMANDFILE_DIR environment variable. Note that on Linux, the command file is named command.tcl.


The hwsettings.xml file stores information on the browsers, the user interface layout (tab locations, command window, panel location, toolbars, and so on), keyboard preferences, import/export settings, recent files, and other various settings. By default, the hwsettings.xml file is written to the My Documents directory on Windows and in ~/.altair on Linux after each session is closed. Deleting this file resets the stored settings to their default values. It is possible to customize the location where this file is read from during start-up and written to on exit. The application always writes the hwsettings.xml file back out to the location where it originally read it from for that session. The following order is used to find the hwsettings.xml file.
  • HW_SETTINGS_DIR environment variable. If this is defined, the search stops even if the file does not exist.
  • My Documents directory on Windows or ~/.altair on Linux.