Convert Model File Solver Format

Convert model files from one solver format to another.

Note: Depending on the solver conversion, certain options, such as defining a source template, a destination template, or a configuration file, may not be present.
  1. Load your model.
  2. From the menu bar, go to File > Convert and select a solver format.
    A conversion browser opens.
    Tip: Click next to a solver format to change solver profiles.
  3. In the Source template field, select the appropriate template for your source solver.
  4. In the Destination template field, select the appropriate template for your destination solver.
    The Configuration File field is automatically populated. The default file, ConfigurationFile.txt, provides a valid mapping scheme for the conversion.

    Individual entities are listed in the browser, and color coded green, orange or red to highlight to which extent the card is converted to the targeted solver.

  5. Define a Log file location.
  6. Click Conversion Options to view more options.
  7. Review entities.
    • Click an entity to display which card the current entity is mapped to, as well as which parameters are translated.
    • Open the Card Edit panel by right-clicking on an entity and selecting Edit Card from the context menu.
  8. Click Convert.
    A dialog opens, informing you of the status of the conversion. After the conversion, the user profile is automatically updated to the selected solver's format. Click Close to close the status window.