Set Up Species Transport Modeling

Species transport modeling gives you the capability to simulate and track multiple species in a fluid flow by using the scalar transport equations for each of them individually.
  1. From the Flow ribbon, click the Physics tool.
    Figure 1.

  2. Under the Physics models settings, enter a value for Number of passive species.
    You can define up to nine species.
Once species transport is defined in the Physics Setup dialog:
  • The diffusivity of each species can be defined in material library.
    Figure 2.

  • All material properties can be set as a functions of species concentration. This models a ‘miscible’ property relative to mixing of multiple fluids.
    Figure 3.

  • You can define the concentration of each species at all inlet boundaries using the species tab.
    Figure 4.

  • You can define species concentration or fluxes on wall boundary conditions.
  • In addition, you can specify species source per unit volume or per unit mass for a species transport equation. The definition can be constant or varying.
  • You can define the initial concentrations of species.