Aerodynamic and Aeroacoustic Setup

Prepare your model for wind tunnel analysis using ultraFluidX.

Attention: The icons shown on the ribbon below are used to complete this workflow. Click an icon to learn more about the tool.
Use the Systems tool to define local coordinate systems and translate the parts needed to align the model. Use the Edit Tunnel tool to define the size of the wind tunnel. Use the Turbulence tool to generate turbulence source regions. Use the Identify Parts tool to define types of parts like wheels, heat exchangers or body panels, which require specific modeling techniques for the CFD run. Use the Ride Height tool to adjust the heave, pitch, and roll of the model. Use the Normals tool to identify and correct the surface normal directions on parts. Use the Mesh Controls tool to define regions with a user-defined volume element size. Use the Material tool to define a fluid material for the wind tunnel. Use the Belt System tool to model a belt system. Use the Output tool to create output controls. Submit jobs and view reports.