Automatic saving of the circuit


An automatic saving of the circuit is carried out in order to retrieve the circuit* if Flux is closed without saving.

Note: * the circuit saved automatically is the latest version carried out in the circuit editor context.

Limitation linked to the circuit

All the manipulations carried out in the electric circuit editor context are not recordable in the file or in the

Indeed, the file would be overcharged because of the numerous available manipulations. Moreover, the authorized number of characters is limited while executing a Pyflux file.

Automatic saving of the electric circuit

By contrast, at each exit of the electric circuit editor context, an export of the circuit towards a NameofProject_logX.xcir file is created under the project root and the following commands are added in the file or in the file:

  • Suppress the circuit
  • Import the circuit NameofProject_logX.xcir* with the options:
  • all the values of the components
  • the couplings electric circuit - finite elements domain
Note: * the XCIR format is the import and export format associated to a circuit created under electric circuit editor.