Graphic tools of the electric circuit editor context: zoom and displacement

Graphic tools

To facilitate the carrying out of the electric circuit, the user has a certain number of graphic tools for the actions of zoom and displacement.

Different operations permit the implementation of these actions:

  • Functions obtained by command
  • Functions obtained by mouse

Each of these functions is presented in detail in the following sections.

Operations obtained by command

These operations correspond to the actions associated with each of the icons located in the display tools bar and presented below*:

Command Icon Definition
Zoom all Mode permitting to frame and center the circuit global view
Zoom region Mode permitting to the user to "drag" by the mouse the rectangular zone he wishes to enlarge.
Initial zoom Mode permitting to the user to come back to the initial framing.
Refresh view Mode permitting to the user to refresh the graphic view.
Note: * these commands are also available from the View menu

Functions available by mouse

The mouse permits the access to two graphic functions:

  • zooming or reducing the visualization window by acting on the adjusting knob
  • displacement of the visualization window by right clicking maintained on the sheet and displacement of mouse*
Note: *by placing the mouse cursor on one of the graphic sheets sides in several seconds the visualization window automatically displaces.