Solve a mono-step scenario

Definition: reminder

A mono-step scenario is used to solve a non-transient application within a non-parametric analysis.

A mono-step scenario is a scenario that comprises a single computation step.


In this paragraph we are interested in the following situation. The user chooses to solve the Flux project in its current state. The geometric parameters and the possible I/O parameters are set to their reference values.


To solve a Flux project in its current state (mono-step scenario with reference values), follow the steps below:

Step Action
1 Activate the Solve command
2 Click on Solve with reference values
3 Click on OK

The REFERENCEVALUES scenario is created.

The computation step is solved.

Attention: The solving process is stopped (by software) if a convergence problem occurred

Complements for solving process

If the user chooses first to change some values of geometric parameters and/or I/O parameters, this must be done before activating the Solve command.

The modification can be done: