Creation of connections in the circuit editor context


The creation of the connections is done by means of the Cabling mode, which can be activated in the Circuit or by the icon or by the keyboard shortcut W.

Tracing of connections

The tracing of the connections is done like the tracing of no matter what trait on a drawing page.

This operation comprises:

  • the choice of a starting point and of an arrival point
  • the choice of a path between these points
  • the addition of junctions (connecting points), if necessary.

The addition of connecting points is necessary to materialize the intersection of the two wires (with electric contact).

Tracing a connection

Firstly we place ourselves in the case when we desire to "draw a wire" starting from an existing point: extremity of a connection, connecting point or connecting terminal of a component.

To trace a connection:

Step Action
1 Select the cabling mode (icon )

Choose one of the following actions:

  • to begin the tracing on a starting point:
    • select the starting point : cursor
    • click on that starting point (click left)
  • to start the tracing at the middle of a segment (new connecting point):
    • select the starting segment: cursor +
    • click on this starting segment (click left)

To trace one (or some) segment(s) :

  • drag the cursor in the desired direction to trace one (or some) segment(s)
  • click on the left button to fix the extremity of the segment(s)

Choose one of the following actions:

  • to continue the tracing: repeat step 3
  • to interrupt the tracing: double-click on the desired interruption point
  • to finish the tracing: pass to step 5

Choose one of the following actions:

  • to finish the tracing on an arrival point:
    • select the arrival point: cursor
    • click on that arrival point (click left)
  • to finish the tracing at the middle of a segment (new connecting point):
    • select the arrival segment: cursor +
    • click on that segment (click left)

Modification of the components terminals

When a component terminal is connected it is automatically modified and changed by the name of the equipotential point corresponding to the created connection.

Impossible connections

Certain connections are impossible from a physical point of view, such as for instance the short-circuit of a component terminals.

The circuit editor recognizes these bad connections and forbids creating them.

This is translated by:

  • the appearance of the cursor , signifying the interdiction of connection
  • the connection appears in red