Creation of components in the circuit editor context

Creation of components

The different types of electric components available are present:

  • In the data tree
  • In the tools bar creation of components
  • In the Circuit menu

Icons for components creation

The table below presents the different icons for the electric components creation available in the tools bar.

Voltage/current sources Current source

Voltage source

Components of field-circuit coupling Coil conductor

Solid conductor

Solid conductor N pins

R, L, C components Resistor



Switch and Diode Switch


Rotating machine components Brush-segment

Squirrel cage

Creating an component

To create one or more electric components of the same type in the graphic zone:

Step Action

Select the type of component:

  • Click in the tools bar on the icon of the component type you wish to create
  • Click on the Circuit menu, point on the desired component and choose New
  • Click right on the type of component desired in the data tree and choose New
  • Double click in the data tree on the type of component desired
2 Drag the cursor with the mouse to the graphic zone
The component appears on the cursor of the mouse when this one is on the graphic zone
3 Displace with the mouse the component to the graphic zone
4 Position the component by one click left
  • to add other components of the same type: start again from step 3

  • to stop: pass to step 6

6 Right click on the graphic zone to inactivate the component creation mode.

Concerning the connecting terminals

The connecting terminals are automatically created when the component is created and get under the Data tree under the Equipotential repertory.

The terminal of a non-connected component is called « virtual potential » as it will be renamed by the name of the equipotential point, which will be associated to it when the cabling is carried out.


Only one squirrel cage component is authorized per electric circuit.