Use workplanes to simplify the geometry creation process by creating new geometry on an oblique plane.

When the global coordinates are used to construct primitives in CADFEKO, the orientation of the new entity is fixed. A simple and efficient method is to create a workplane at the intended position and orientation and then create the geometry using the workplane definition.

The following workplanes are predefined by default (and cannot be modified):
  • Global XY
  • Global XZ
  • Global YZ
Anyone of the above workplanes may be set as the default workplane. From its right-click context menu, select Set as default.

In addition to the three predefined workplanes, user-defined workplanes may be defined and set as the default workplane.

When a workplane is set as the default workplane, it is indicated by the text [Default] in the model tree. The default workplane will be used as the initial workplane for primitive creation, operators and transforms.