Adding a Spherical Mode Source

Apply an impressed spherical mode source based on pre-calculated spherical modes. The spherical modes are either radiating to infinity or incident onto a structure (converging on the coordinate system origin).

This source can be used for the synthesis of an arbitrary electromagnetic field as well as determining the response of a receiving antenna due to the incident modes.

  1. On the Source/Load tab, in the Equivalent Sources group, click the  Spherical Mode Source icon.
    Figure 1. The Create Spherical Mode Source dialog.

  2. In the Magnitude scale factor field, specify the scaling factor.
  3. In the Phase offset (degrees) field, specify the phase (in degrees) to be added to the phase of the fields.
  4. In the Field data field, specify the field data to be used to define the spherical modes source.
  5. In the Position field, specify where the source is to be placed.
  6. In the Orientation field, specify the orientation of the source.
  7. In the Label field, add a unique label for the spherical modes source.
  8. Click the Create button to create the spherical modes source and to close the dialog.