Lofting to Create a Smooth Surface

Apply the loft operation between curves, between surfaces or between an edge and face to create a smooth surface.

  1. Select the two geometry entities that you want to loft.
  2. On the Construct tab, in the Extend group, click the  Loft icon.
    Figure 1. The Loft dialog.

To achieve a valid loft, it may be necessary to reverse the orientation of one of the profiles in the loft, so that the bounding edge matching is done in the opposite direction along the profile.
  1. [Optional] Select the Reverse orientation check box to reverse the orientation of one of the profiles in the loft.
    Figure 2. Loft preview showing a valid loft (on the left) and an invalid loft (to the right).

When lofting closed edges or faces, you can introduce twists or remove twists to change the relative alignment of the two profiles in the loft.
  1. In the Alignment index field, increase the number to change the alignment index.
  2. In the Label field, specify a unique label for the loft operation.
  3. [Optional] Use the Workplane tab to enter a resulting origin (location) and orientation for the loft.
  4. Click the Create button to apply the loft operation and to close the dialog.