Adding an S-parameter Configuration to Generate a Multiport Data Package

Define an S-parameter configuration to export a multiport data package.

  1. Add an S-parameter configuration using one of the following workflows:
    • On the Request tab, in the Configurations group, click the  S-parameter Configuration icon.
    • In the configuration list, click the icon. Select S-parameter Configuration from the menu .
  2. In the Power group select one of the following:
    • Select Specify transmit power to specify the transmit power for all the ports when calculating the requests associated with the S-parameter request.
    • Select Use unit magnitude convention to use the unit magnitude convention to calculate the requests associated with the S-parameter request.
      Note: The S-parameter matrix result is not affected when selecting the power option, only the fields or current requests associated with the S-parameter request is altered based on the power information.
  3. In the Options group, select the Generate multiport data package (*.mdp) check box to create the data package archive.
    Figure 1. The Create S-Parameters dialog.

    Note: All the ports in the S-parameter configuration are activated.
  4. Follow Step 5 and Step 6 to select the ports and set the properties.
  5. In the Label field, add a unique label for the request.
  6. Click Create to request the S-parameter results and to close the dialog.
  7. [Optional] Add additional requests, for example, far fields, near fields and current requests to the S-parameter configuration to export the data to the multiport data package.