Check the V-Cut and its region in the panel board.

The V-Cut dialog contains the following sections:
  • V-Cut Layer Definition
    • Layer Selection: Select the V-Cut data existing layer from the list.
  • Option
    • V-Cut Line Measure Basement: To measure distance from V-Cut data, select measurement base between from edge or from center.
  • Clearance Checking
    • Exclude Checking for Components in Outside of V-Cut Area: While checking clearance between the V-Cut and components, exclude checking for components placed outside of V-Cut area.
    • Clearance between V-Cut and V-Cut: Set the clearance value between V-Cut and V-Cut.
    • Clearance between V-Cut and Routing Pattern: Set the clearance value between the V-Cut and routing patterns.
    • Clearance between V-Cut and Component: Depending on specifying components groups, use PollEx DFM to check the clearance with different clearance values for horizontal and vertical direction. Complete each row with a specifying group, horizontal/vertical clearance values and components measurement base.