Cutting Region

Check the cutting holes design rule, location, and clearance to other objects.

Additionally, check the pattern distance on the same layer and with patterns on other layers if there are JTAG patterns on the board.
The Cutting Region dialog contains the following sections:
  • Board Cutting Hole Definition: Define the target cutting hole on the board with several methods.
    • Cutting Hole Component Group: To define the target cutting hole, select them from the component group list.
    • Cutting Hole Via: If the via is used as a cutting hole, select them from the via list. This is used in active design.
    • Figure Cutting Hole: If the figure hole is used as a cutting hole, use to define them with their size.
    • Hole Size: To distinguish a figure hole on the board, define them with size. Use the Floating Value Input tool.
    • Maximum Distance from Board Outline: To define the cutting hole, specify the distance from the board outline. This means that all holes within distance are treated as the cutting hole.
  • Cutting Hole Clearance: Defines the clearance between the cutting hole and other components or routing patterns.
    • Clearance to Component: Specify the minimum clearance to components.
    • BGA Component Group: To define BGA component, select a BGA component group from the list.
    • Clearance between BGA and Cutting Region: Set the clearance value between cutting region and BGA type components.
    • Clearance between Routing Patterns: To check the clearance between common routing patterns, activate this item and set clearance between routing patterns.
  • JTAG Pattern Clearance: If the JTAG patterns are used, use PollEx DFM to check the validity of the JTAG pattern.
    • JTAG Pattern Clearance Checking by Net Selection: To select JTAG pattern, click this button and select them from the netlist or with the net name filter. Net group filter can select nets, starting with, ending with, or having given character strings in the name.
    • JTAG Pattern Clearance Checking by Specific Area from User Defined Layer: Net that passes through the area drawn in the user designated layer is recognized as a JTAG pattern.

      Recognize only the patterns crossing the PCB outline as JTAG pattern.

      • Pattern Clearance on Same Layer: Specify the distance between JTAG patterns on the same layer.
        • Exclude Checking for Same Net.
      • Pattern Clearance on Different Layer: Specify the distance between JTAG patterns on different layers.
        • Exclude Checking for Same Net.