Label Box

Check the label box existence or size.

The Label Box dialog contains the following sections:
  • Label Box Definition: Select a checking target layer that has a label (silkscreen or another layer).
    • Label Box Layer Setting: Set the label box searching layers for the top and bottom.
    • Component Group: If the label box is registered with components, specify component group.
    • Board Figure: If the label boxes are drawn with figure geometries, specify the size of the label box with width and height.
  • Label Area Definition: Recognizes an empty area where no parts are placed as a Label Area.
    • Area size: Set minimum Length/Width value to recognize Label Area.
      • Length: Length of the label area.
      • Width: Width of the label area.
    • Filled with copper planes: Copper plane must exist to be recognized as a Label Area.
    • Filled with Solder Mask(PSR): PSR must exist to be recognized as Label Area.
  • ** Existence's Target Layer setting option is activated when Label Area Definition is selected.
  • Checking: Set the checking contents.
    • Existence: Check that the defined label box is in PCB design.
      • Top: Check the Label Box/Area existence in Top Layer.
      • Bottom: Check the Label Box/Area existence in Bottom Layer.
      • Any: If at least one of the Top/Bottom Layers has a Label Box/Area,It is Pass.
      • All: If both Top and Bottom Layers have Lable Box/Area, It is Pass.
    • Contents: Check the label box existence and if the given character strings are in the label box.
    • Label Box Size: Check if the found label box is in the given size. Set the checking condition with the label box size, width, and height ranges.
      • Check object for Polygon Only: Use PollEx DFM to check the label box for only the polygon data.
      • Width/Height: Set the label box size using Floating Value Input tool.
    • Clearance from Components on Same Layer: Check the clearance between the label box and a certain component group on the same layer.
      • Component
      • Clearance
      • Include Checking for Components on the Other Side: When checking the clearance with components, include components placed on the other side.