Jig Hole

Detect the JIG hole that drives in Jig machine.

The Jig Hole dialog contains the following sections:
  • JIG Hole Definition: JIG hole at the PCB Design uses three kinds:
    • Component: Use of certain component in the JIG hole.
    • Via Hole: Use the Library via to the JIG hole.
    • Hole Size: Set the hole size of the JIG hole to find from board figure.
  • Option
    • For Entire Board: Check for the existence of a JIG hole in the single board.
    • For Each Single Board in Array: Check if there is a JIG Hole in each board of the array.
  • Checking
    • Jig Hole Count: Check for the count of JIG holes.
    • Diagonal Existence Check: Check if the JIG hole is placed diagonally.
    • Exclude Hole out of Board Outline: Exclude the holes that exist out of the board area.