Export Sites and Transmitter Data

Export Data to a CSV File

Lines are similar to the rows of a table and commas separate each horizontal neighbor fields. The ProMan implementation of CSV allows you to import data with other separators, for example, semi-colon.

The content of the CSV file should represent a list of sites. ProMan interprets each column as a property of a site, for example, power, frequency or name.

Click File > Export > Export Sites/TRX/Cells > CSV File (*.csv) to export data to a CSV file.

Figure 1. The Export of antennas from CSV files dialog.

The following settings can be adjusted:
Full path of the .csv file.
Output Format

Defines the separator of the columns as well as the separator of decimal numbers.

Export headline check box enables the export of the first line of the CSV file, which represents the title for each column. It can be used as a help to understand, which column represents which property. By enabling Export Power Mode and Export Power Unit the power mode (for example, Output PA) and the unit (for example, dBm) can be exported additionally.

Column Selection
Defines the interpretation for each column. Selected items can be inserted with the Insert button. An item in the list defines a property of the sites to be exported. Under Information, you can view additional information about the different export options, such as supported formats.

Export Data to a TRX File

The TRX file format is used to export all properties of the sites and antennas.

Click File > Export > Export Sites/TRX/Cells > ProMan File (*.trx) to export data to a TRX file.