Connected Via

This item checks for the distance from a pin to via.

In order to make a power/ground signal of component stable, the power/ground net must be connected to power/ground plane through a via near the power/ground pin.

The trace connecting power/ground pin of a component to the associated via to the power/ground plane must be shorter than the specified distance.
  • Item: Enter item name.
  • Net: Select a net group that is connected to the component and has target via.
  • Component: Select a target component group.
  • Distance: Assign distance criteria between component pin and via.
  • Measure Base: Define the measure base of distance.
    • Center to Center: Measure distance from center of Via pad to center of Pin Pad.
    • Edge to Edge: Measure distance from edge of Via pad to edge of Pin Pad.
  • Pad on Via: If pad on via exists at pin, it reports as failed.
  • Composite Power Net: DFE uses composited power net instead of single power net.
    • Composite Power Net:
    • Passive Comp: The DFE makes composite net for which are connected through this passive component.
    • Exception Net: Nets which should not be merged into the composite net.

Component should have a short, low inductive path from the ground side to the pin.

Place the power and ground pins next to each other. The total inductance will be reduced by mutual inductance, since current flows in opposite directions in power and ground pins.

Use a bigger via size to connect the capacitor pad to the power and ground plane to minimize the inductance in decoupling capacitors.

Use the wide and short trace between via and pad or place via adjacent to the pad.