Part Viewer

Part Viewer is a viewer for part library used in current design.

It also shows used padstack type and padstack size.

From the menu bar, click Tools > Part Viewer.
  • At main window’s left side, there is part’s shape.
  • At searching box, you can input keyword and find part. You can use one of the following wild cards:
    • *: String
    • ?: One Character
    • #: One Number
    • " ": Searching the matching string only
  • At main window red line crossed point means origin points of part. You can change the origin of part.

    Figure 1.
  • Click View/Edit Part Attributes to see detailed information of part.
  • Component Name Field contains different identifiers assign to part.
  • At this window, it shows referenced components list.
  • For pins used by part, this window shows whole properties of used pins.
  • Using various buttons in Measure tab, you can make displaying dimensions for component size, pad size, silk, solder/metal mask size.