Net Analyzer

PollEx PCB makes report for net length analyzing feature.

For total net length, you can extract report for segment length on certain layers, to the branching points and to the via(s).

  • Select element type to make nodes.
    • Comp: Net length among components.
    • Branch: Net length among components and branching points.
    • Branch & Via: Net length among components, branching points and vias.
  • Net Length Display Type: Select desirable objects in report.
    • Layer: Shows length depending on layer.
    • Width: Shows routing pattern’s width.
    • All Node Combination: Shows all combinations of nodes.
    • Layer Full Display: Shows stack-up information and each layer’s length.
    • Pin No: Shows components’ pin number also.
    • Transmission Line Type: Shows transmission line type, not Layer.
    • Include Via Length: Shows including via length.
  • Select unit.
  • Select target net(s).
  • Click Analyze to make analyzing report for selected target net(s).
  • Click Export to Excel to make report to MS/Excel sheet.
From the menu bar, click Tools > Net Analyzer.