Sketch Context Menu Options

Create a sketch imprint, remove constraints, align axes, convert sketches to construction geometry, and show or hide grids, points, constraints, construction lines, dimensions, or intersection curves.

The right-click context menu in sketch editing mode contains the following options for editing sketch geometry.

Tip: In sketch mode, right-click on a sketch curve or the sketch plane to open the sketch context menu. Options vary based on what is selected.
Create Sketch
Create a sketch on the selected reference or global plane.
Modify Dimensions
Modify the dimensions of a sketch without entering Edit mode and see the model update in real time.
Create Imprint on the Face
When you sketch on a face, the sketch curves are imprinted but the face remains whole. Enable this option to split the face when you sketch a closed area.
There are three different paste options that appear in the context menus for sketch editing and elsewhere - Paste, Paste Instance, and Paste Without Reference - that behave differently in terms of construction history. Learn more >>
Delete All Constraints
Select this option to remove all constraints in the model.
Remove Fix
Select this option to remove all fixed constraints in the model.
Align to Closest Axes
Rotate the view to align the sketch plane to the closest two axes.
Align Axes
Align the sketch axes so that the sketch x-axis is horizontal on screen and the y-axis is vertical. If your horizontal constraints appear vertical and vice versa, the Align Axes option should correct this.
Convert a sketch curve into construction geometry, which is used as a reference to line up or define other geometry.
Extend the endpoints of the sketch to create an infinite construction line. This option is not available for arcs or curves.
Merge Selected
Select this option to merge two coincident vertices. If coincident vertices are not merged, Inspire can produce unexpected results when applying offsets, fillets, or chamfers.

Hold the Ctrl key to select more than one sketch entity. In most cases where you would use this option,Inspire automatically merges the sketch entities.

Detach Selected
Detach (unmerge) sketch entities that share vertices.
Select Other
If you have any coincident entities such as a line on top of a line or a point on top of a point, selecting this option will bring up a menu that allows you to choose which entity to select.
Tip: When you hover over coincident sketch entities, a badge appears next to the cursor and a tooltip appears.

This indicates that you can hold down the left mouse button to access the coincident picking menu, from which you can select the desired sketch entity.

Show Grid/Points/Center Points
Use to show or hide grids, points, and center points of circles or arcs.
Show Constraints
Use to show or hide constraints when in sketch editing mode.
Show Construction Lines
Use to show or hide construction lines when in sketch editing mode. Learn more about construction lines.>>
Show Construction Aides
Use to show or hide the construction aides used in the Polyline tool. Enabling this option allows you to specify x- and y-coordinate values.
Show Dimensions
Use to show or hide dimensions when in sketch editing mode.
Show Variable Names in Dimensions
Show or hide the names of variables in dimensions.
Show Intersection Curves On Sketch Plane Creation
Enabling this option will automatically show intersection curves when you create a sketch plane.