Entity Selectors

Use entity selectors to specify which type of entity you are able to select.

Entity selectors act as a filter by limiting your selection to a single entity type in the modeling window. For example, if an entity selector is set to Surfaces, only surface are available for selection. If it is set to Points, you can draw a window around the entire model and only the points will be selected. After performing a selection, the number of selected entities appears in parenthesis.

If two or more selections are required to complete a workflow, left-click on a selector to make it active or press Middle Mouse Button to cycle between selectors. The active selector is highlighted blue.
Tip: Once all required selections are fulfilled, pressing Middle Mouse Button again will execute the tool action.
Figure 1.

If a selector supports multiple entity types, click the arrow to view a drop-down menu of available options.

In idle mode, the entity selector is located in the top, left corner of the modeling window. It shows all of the entity types available in your model that can be selected from the modeling window.
Figure 2.

Entity selectors do not affect your selection in a browser. The entity selector in the modeling window will automatically update to match the selected entity type. You're also able to select multiple entities of different types in a browser.

Tip: Use keyboard shortcuts to change the active entity type in an entity selector.