Create Reports in Batch Mode

In this tutorial, you will learn how to generate reports using Batch Mode with a previously created report template.

This exercise uses the WingFrame_DocumentReport.tpl file generated in Create a Presentation Report.

Submit Batch Execution Commands

In this step, you will run a set of commands in the Command Prompt to execute and export a Presentation report in batch mode.

  • Delete outputs and save as a clean tpl.
  • Remove interactive mode option from the Entity Overview modules to avoid any pop ups.
  1. Launch the Command Prompt on Windows or Terminal on Linux.
    The Command Prompt opens as seen in Figure 1.
    Figure 1.

  2. Enter the following content in the Command Prompt.
    "<\HyperMesh Installation Folder>\hwdesktop\hw\bin\win64\hw.exe" -b -tcl "<\HyperMesh Installation Folder>\hwdesktop\mv\scripts\tcl\report\main_batch.tcl" -tplFile "<\Tutorial File Location>\WingFrame_PPTReport.tpl" -outputFileName "<\Destination Folder>\WingFrame_PPTReport_Batch.pptx" -masterDocument "<\HyperWorks Installation Folder>\hwdesktop\mv\scripts\tcl\report\templates\pptMaster.pptx" -workingDir "<\Destination Folder>" -tplParams "<\Tutorial File Location>\publish_reports\Altair_Wing.fem" "<\Tutorial File Location>\Altair_Wing.h3d" "<\Tutorial File Location>\"
    Note: <Tutorial File Location>: <installation_directory>/tutorials/hwdesktop/mv_hv_hg/publish_reports/
    The following arguments are required when templates are being reused on a different machine and environment:
    • -masterDocument to locate the master template for document or presentation report.
    • -workingDir to set a working directory to store all temporary files and images used in creating the report.
  3. Confirm you picked the correct paths for all files.
  4. Press Enter.
    The Presentation report is executed in batch mode. The report and TPL files are saved in the selected destination folder.