*BeginDefaults() Block

The *BeginDefaults() block is comprised of seven subordinate statement blocks.

They include:
  • General defaults.
  • Model defaults.
  • Graphic defaults.
  • Plot defaults.
  • Text editor defaults.
  • Page header defaults.
  • Page footer defaults.

General defaults include the autosave interval, bubble help status, and default printer settings.

Model defaults are used to customize the model tool bar and to add MDL defaults for submitting mechanical system models to a solver.

Graphic preferences, such as model orientation and the part attributes, are specified in the graphics default block.

Plot preferences, including colors, fonts, and note defaults, are specified in the plot defaults block.

Text editor preferences, including text and background color and font settings, are specified in the text editor defaults block.

Page headers and footers are specified in the page header and page footer blocks, respectively.